In the heart of Vico Equense, Il Casale del Mirto enjoys a strategic position to quickly reach the most beautiful places in the Sorrento Peninsula, in the Amalfi coast and in the Gulf of Naples. An intense journey through ‪the streets‬ where myth and legend meet, a personalized tour or a memorable excursion along the famous Amalfi Coast, during which it is possible to admire the enchanted beauty of some historic places. Positano. Ravello. Maiori. To then restart. A boat excursion or a walking tour in order to visit the square of Capri, driving to the nearby archaeological excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum, through ‪the streets‬ of ancient civilization for a journey through history. A day spent in Naples, the enchanted city with its famous alleys which will take you to the heart of our land thanks to some kind of particular experience, like trekking along our breathtaking trails.



The land of the Sirens in whose waters the melodious song of these mythological creatures still echoes. A point of arrival for anyone who wants to get lost in its narrow streets full of magic. A starting point for those wishing to set sail from its historic port. The beginning of a unique journey to the scent of the sea.


The ancient glories of a civilization buried in the sands of history, a tour in the past among the habits of people from whom it all began. The best way to understand who we are....because the future can’t be written without first reading the past.


The capital of Southern Italy, the stronghold of the Bourbon beauties within the walls of historic buildings or in the rays of the sun that light up the most famous squares: Piazza Plebiscito, Piazza Dante, Piazza dei Martiri. Meeting places where you can come across the joy of a people and the inimitable food.


A journey with the scent of history, a long path lined with exceptional views, a walk by car where it is still possible to find the pieces of heart left on the ground by tourists from all over the world: on the Amalfi pier, in the small square of Ravello, at the edges of the landscapes of Minori and Maiori. Pearls of a precious necklace whose brilliance will not overwhelm you.


The most famous island in the world: the blue rock that inspired poets and sailors, a fairy tale floating on the sea and that lives again in its magical golden inlets or among the waves that slam into its enchanted caves, reproducing a sweet melody which can still be heard from its historic square. An infinity view that will make you see the world differently... as you've never seen it before.


To rest the spirit and recharge the body, turning off the mind and turning on the soul. The green arms of nature await you for an unforgettable appointment: a walk in the open air between natural and hidden paths. Our Monte Faito, the mountain from which it is possible to leave for spectacular walks, hearing only the birds voice and the wind sound. A moment of absolute rest thanks to which you will listen to the breath of your soul.


A treasure chest enclosed in the bluest waters of the Mediterranean Sea. An enchanted lattice of narrow streets, where you’ll find worldliness and simplicity. Overlooking the world with a breathtaking view that will give you a good energy. Because there is nothing more relaxing than setting the sunset on the horizon. To infinity and beyond.